Alantis have observed the growing trend in the market namely the empowered and increasing expectation of the customers. Empowered customers now expect instantaneous response of the Internet and coal supply business is becoming more time-sensitive. This has increased the value of fast and flexible supply chains that can be reconfigured up to the very late in the process, reducing markdowns by responding to the changing needs of the customers. Rising expectations are not limited to costs, quality and variety. Customers are also interested in where their products are produced and how, with increased concern about the whole area of ethical sourcing, including use of child labor and other human rights and environmental issues. Businesses are under greater scrutiny for issues such as human rights and sustainable development. Even on the outset we are aware that owning a limited number of mines would not be enough to supply the variety of products and quantity with the fast reaction time we need to be in. The whole supply is thus carried out in a dispersed manner. Through a growing mines network at Indonesian coal producing centers, steel suppliers across Africa, salt reserves in Oman, Alantis strives to find quality conscious and cost effective miners to match the needs of the customers. Alantis will dissect the supply contract into parts and decide where the production and processing e.g. blending will be done. In the end the customer receives the coal as if they all come from one single processing mine. This is made possible by effective information technology and efficient logistics. This model enables Alantis to create tailored sourcing options to meet customers' specific needs. Dedicated teams of specialists will leverage their close ties with miners to offer insider knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions. Alantis seeks to build long-term customer relationships, and leveraging our excellent supply chain management has the sophistication to satisfy nearly any customer need. We are committed to providing excellent service, building upon existing relationships and forming lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.