about_us   Alantis Global is a robust physical commodity trading company based in Singapore. The diversity of products and client segments is a distinguishing factor at Alantis, which trades steam coal, iron ore, based and refined metals as well as a full line of other commodities. “Three things make Alantis Global different and account for its success”, says Rolf Peters, AgMotion’s co-founder and CEO. “First, great people and especially outstanding traders; second, a very strong capital base; and third, an ongoing commitment to process re-engineering and automation to take steps out of processes and serve clients more effectively.” Buy with confidence from Alantis Global! Alantis utilizes the AgMotion Marketing System (AMS), a proprietary trade management software application that drives down costs and improves customer service. A distinguishing aspect of AMS is its industry-leading Supply Chain Intelligence capabilities that capture and store detailed information about product quality and safety. Alantis can trace every shipment of every cargo from origin to destination instantly, with all shipping documents and quality certificates attached to each individual record.